Viva La Truffle - In Home Showcase  Once you receive your showcase box enjoy it at your leisure in the comfort of your own home. It doesn’t get any easier than cosy-ing at home, getting to know our NSW Truffle Growers and having a celebrity chef get you comfortable with cooking with luscious, NSW locally grown truffle, fresh from their farms! Inclusions:
  • A piece of wonderfully aromatic, locally grown, fresh truffle with tasting notes and the grower’s own story
  • A bottle of Southern Highland wine (choose your favourite in dropdown menu)
  • On dispatch, an email will be sent to you including:
  • Fast Ed Recipe Cards
  • Shopping list card for each recipe (for 2 portions/people)
  • Recipe e-book from Ed with a selection of truffle recipes
  • Link and code to access the virtual masterclass
  • Link to Viva la Truffle NSW Truffle Trail Touring Map
Important Information
  • Truffles are a fresh product, harvested from the ground and must be stored correctly.
  • They are inspected and cleaned before they get to you.
  • They should be stored in the refrigerator in a sealed container to prevent the aroma from contaminating other stored fatty foods.
  • They continually lose moisture and should be wrapped in a paper towel (changed daily), to keep them dry.
  • They may grow a little white mould on them, just wash them under the tap and return them dry and wrapped to the storage container.
  • We do not recommend storing in rice, as rice can quickly dry out the truffle.
  • Fresh truffle should be consumed within 10 days. If stored correctly, may still be usable within 21 days.